Ph. D. Topics

Application of the Euler characteristic to early stages of spinodal decomposition
Monte Carlo simulations of systems with internal surfaces: topological fluctuations, lamellar cubic and lamellar hexagonal transitions
Complex fluids in restricted geometry: dislocations, elastic constants, disjoining preassure and meniscus
Computer simulations of chemical reactions on periodic surfaces
Structure of microemulsion and liquid-crystal phases in amphiphilic mixtures
Effect of fluctuations on phase equilibria in amphiphilic systems
Critical phenomena in ionic systems
Nonextensive thermodynamics
Periodic structures from the model of electronic gas
Multiple Scattering from strongly fluctuating systems
Light scattering on polymer films
Langmuir-Blodgett films on mercury
Kinetics of order-disorder transitions
Tryptophan repression in E.coli -- simulations
Structure of the fluid near the rotating wall
SCFT for liquid crystalline polymers kinetic pathways in phase transitions
Topology of energy isosurfaces in the phase space and phase transitions
Diffusion of polymers across interfaces
Light scattering during gel formation
Scattering spectra for crystalline gel
Liquid-liquid spinodal in one component system
x-ray scattering on mixtures of surfactants, polymers and liquid crystals
Microfluidics: flows in a microscale
Colloidal crystals in liquid crystalline and block copolymer matrices
Ferroelectric films
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy: movement of nanoobjects in complex liquids
Crystallization of proteins in electric fields
Charge ladders and cappilary electrophoresis
Chemical reactions with small number of substrates: experiment and theory