Anna Ochab-Marcinek, Ph. D. (dr hab.)

Head of the Biophysical Chemistry Group
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Institute of Physical Chemistry
Polish Academy of Sciences

Warsaw, Poland

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phone: +48 22 343 3399
fax: +48 22 343 3333, +48 22 632 5276
office: 201

Mailing address:
Institute of Physical Chemistry
Polish Academy of Sciences
ul. Kasprzaka 44/52
01-224 Warsaw


  • Modeling of biological evolution
  • Stochastic gene expression
  • Diffusion in a crowded environment

COVID-19 Advisory Team to the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Since June 30, 2020 I am a member of the interdisciplinary COVID-19 Advisory Team affiliated with the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Our task is to monitor the course of the COVID-19 epidemic in Poland, analyze and predict its possible scenarios and put forward recommendations. We also develop contacts with similar teams in other countries to exchange experience with them.

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  • A. Lewandrowska, A. Majcher, M. Tabaka, A. Ochab-Marcinek, R. Hołyst Sposób wyznaczania współczynnika dyfuzji D substancji chemicznej w buforze TRIS (Method for determining chemical diffusion coefficients in the rolled capillary at high flow speed), patent no. 220250 (Polish Patent Office), application 10.8.2012, patent granted 4.12.2014.

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