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Incorporation of CNTs into LLC phase induced by phase separation Thousand-fold acceleration of phase decomposition in polymer / liquid crystal blends Collective Rotations of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals at the Air/Water Interface

Mixing Kinetics and Dynamics Hydrogen Storage in Nanoporous Materials Nano Viscosity in Surfactant Solutions Accurate Genetic Switch in Escherichia coli New Paradigm of Space Partition 96 Laplacian eigen functions

Evaporation / Condensation 3D Patterns in Nonextensive
Lattice Boltzmann
Polymers in nematic
Photonic Crystals

Topological Fluctuation Scattering on bicontinuous
cubic phases
Triply Periodic Surfaces Smectic I Phase Dislocations Flower instability
in ferroelectric films


Spinodal decomposition
in polymer systems
Thermodynamic Casimir force
in 3He-4He wetting films